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Introduction to Bridgeclaw...

Bridgeclaw is a norvegian boy. Of course, Bridgeclaw is not his real name. His parents gave him another name, let's say Henning. So, Little Henning is born twenty years ago. He started to draw really early and was acting anonymously until end of 1994. Do you know that Little Henning learned to Picasso and V. Van Gogh how to draw. You don't believe me, why ????

So, Bridgeclaw is a real pixel master and, lately, he tried to improve himself in some other ways... designing and advertisement. In school, Bridgeclaw met another dude called J.B. Mondino and he gave a hand to realize some video clips and tv adverts... Mondino was completely lost without Bridgeclaw.

Today, Bridgeclaw is at a turn in his own-professional-life... he got some proposals as 'managing MTV channel', 'realized the next Indiana Jones instead of S. Spielberg', 'record a duo with Madonna' (but there, it is somebody else who doesn't want !!:), and many other things... he finally created his own firm... better solution !

So, here, you can discover some of the pictures done by Bridgeclaw. Of course, there are many more of them and they are, all of them, hand-made. No Scan Nowhere !!!


Grace by BRC


Goater by BRC


Leguana by BRC


Underwaterius by BRC

top of the world...

Top of the world by BRC

monster... taken in 'Incoming Future'

Monster by BRC

cyborg... taken in 'Incoming Future'

Cyborg by BRC

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